Make Money Wearing Leggings!


Welcome to Buskins Leggings & More - REBOOT

As the first leggings company we are glad to get back up and running. But what makes us so great is the great affiliates within our company! Our affiliates are compassionate, love working together, love fashion and LOVE building their businesses! With Buskins, your business is yours. You can choose to carry inventory or see directly from your replicated website. 

You earn 25% of all sales made on your website, along with 5% of your direct downlines sales. You also get a 30% personal shopping discount. So if you are one who likes to carry inventory, you can take advantage of the extra 5% profit margin when you purchase directly! Just another way show appreciation for all the hard work you put into your business.

We have come a long way and tried a few different routes, and now we are sticking to what is simple and what works best!

Here is a small breakdown of just some of what we offer!


Free Replicated Website 30% Shopping Discount
Extra Payout Milestones & Rewards 25% Website Commission
Work on Your Own Schedule - From Home! 5% Tier 1 Sales Commission
Fun Sales Incentives Top Sales makes 5% extra commission rate
+ More   Knowledgable Company, Proven Success Record


Join us by choosing one of the packages below. 


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4 of 4 Items