Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Jul 22nd 2020

Alright ladies. Time for some talk about photography.

There’s a big difference between fashion photography and standard apparel product photography. The two are related, but they’re more like distant cousins than siblings.

Apparel product photography is focused on the product. The goal is to minimize distraction and present the product at its absolute best in a consistent and easily browsed manner. Fashion photography is focused on branding: models, location, props and other aspects of the shoot take on great significance. The goal is to create a unique image that will catch the eye and stay in the mind of the viewer. With consistent style, this, in turn, becomes your brand.

To make this simple.

Fashion photography is the cover of the magazine, while product photography is what is inside of the catalog. The purpose is to draw attention to an aesthetic, opposed to a product-this way the consumer will follow your brand. This also leaves room to showcase more than just one product as well.

But, what does it take to create a successful photoshoot?

I’ll break it down for you.

  1. Concept. Every brand needs this, whether it be an image or a phrase. For instance, Marc Jacobs’ uses “the art of style” as their concept. Although you may not textually put your chosen phrase or saying, you will need to know it to successfully be able to convey it visually.
  2. Location. Your location shouldn’t be your first thought, but not your last either. Your choice in location should flow freely from your concept. A location doesn’t have to be halfway around the world, but it should be in a fun or vibrant (or not so vibrant) place. Also, be sure to scout it out before the shoot, you’ll want to know exactly where to put your model and what time of day you’ll be shooting.

If shooting indoors, please remember to choose a location that is free of debris, awkward angles and anything that wouldn’t look professional!

  1. Models. A model should never be chosen because they are simply attractive. You must choose a model that matches your brand. Athletic company? Choose someone in great shape. Swimwear? You’ll probably want someone tan- and so on. Make sure you choose a model that will not only look good in what you’re selling, but also in the poses you desire.
  2. Wardrobe. This one may seem obvious, but please think it out before the big day. Construct a complete outfit. Make sure it’s clean and free of any defects. Also, make sure sizing is correct for the model.
  3. Hair and makeup. Details make all the difference. They separate a professional from an amateur. Hire a professional make-up artist if you can. If you can’t, remember that bright lights wash out faces, so more than normal make-up is needed. Use blush, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and fill in those brows!
  4. Camera settings. If you are using a professional camera, but aren’t a professional. Here’s some quick tips. If shooting in studio, you will probably want settings appropriate to portraiture. A telephoto lens will flatten facial features to ensure they don’t appear disproportionate to the rest of the body, which should reflect positively on the subject. Set your camera to the lowest possible aperture to capture the most light. If you’re shooting movement in studio, like hair flipping, you will want a low ISO, moderate aperture, and relatively fast shutter speed. For example: ISO 100, f/16, and 1/250th.
  5. Perspective. You can create new perspectives by changing the position of the camera or the model. Shooting from a low angle will make a model seem tall and long legged. Shooting from above can make a model seem smaller. Once you’ve captured the planned shots, play around a bit!

Now that is out of the way, let’s hand you babes the reigns!

Photo contest time!

Have your own Buskins & more photoshoot and submit your best.

Utilize all of the above techniques for your best chance! Also, try to include as many Buskins & more items as you can while still portraying your brand and aesthetic!

Winner will be featured on our Instagram, reaching a massive audience, with a chance to expand their own personal business. (Please include any social media accounts you currently have, so you can be tagged as well.)

Winner will also be given a $100 Visa gift card!